Casual city elegance

Another presentation of a typical casual style which will surely make you visible in the crowd.

The foundation of this style is a well – tailored jacket and wool trousers. I would not  recommend wearing a buttoned shirt to this outfit as it doess not go well with the style. It gives you too serious look and in this case our aim is to look elegant but not formal.

A basic white t-shirt should be tight and close fitting so that no folds are formed underneath the garment.  Only then will you look slim and neat. I have chosen grey, suede shoes which have delicate, leather shoelaces. The shoes are great and belong to my favourite ones. They are extremely comfortable but should not be worn at rainy  weather for obvious reasons. Suede gets easily damaged by water. A suede belt gives this outfit a complete brush up.

Brands : Jacket Finshley&Harding London / Wool Trousers Pier One / Hand Made Suede Shoes Lottusse 1877 / Suede Belt Nils Sundström / T-Shirt Finshley&Harding