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You want to avoid criticism - do nothing, say nothing and be nothing

fashion blogger

Every man who wants to achieve success, day after day encounters blockades, criticism and people throwing logs at his feet. If he is a weak man, he will quickly become discouraged and will not reach the top of the mountain  which he climbs. You must be patient, consistent, determined to realize your passion, regardless of  hate flowing from everywhere. You still hear the words “you will not succeed”, “it is doomed to failure”, “give it up and find a decent job”, “grow up and start thinking about the future”. They mean to bring you down to the ground floor, cut off your wings and sentence you to mediocrity. Because mediocrity is a symbol of Polish success. Do not lean out, be like the average Mr. Smith and we will like you, respect and invite you to parties. If you stand out from the dreams of critics, then you are a bad guy because, you are on the other side of the barricade. They must pour  a wave of poisonous hate over you, kick you down, make you fall  from the road to the top down into  the lowland. This is the goal of every hate: to prevent you from achieving success by completely depreciating your value as a human pursuing your goals and aspirations.

The answer to hate should always be ignorance. Ignoring a hater, is just not responding to his taunts and keeping on doing what really makes you happy. Follow your path upright and you will see success soon on the horizon.