Ubiór to twoja zbroja: użyj jej

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Sztuką jest stworzyć coś z niczego. 

The phrase from the headline fits well with the fashion, specifically the “outfit”, which we can freely compose, for example, by exchanging one thing. The blouse we normally wore to some trousers is replaced with a jacket and we look completely different, and the costs are round zero. In life, it is also worth using the opportunity and what we have already invested, to cash. It is, however, post-fashion, so I will not deviate from the subject.

Look, which presents today is quite dark and it has to be. The jacket is in a “rock”, hard style. It is made of gray denim and has really interesting details and damage: the so-called damage. These “destructions” create a unique atmosphere. To the dark – gray jacket, black or gray pants fit. Classic blue jeans will certainly not fit. Let’s stick to one convention. Everything is to be consistent, so we combine dark colors with the dark ones. Under the jacket, I put on a black T-shirt in the Muscle Fit cut by Young Almighty. For such a style, a loose t-shirt will not fit. The T-shirt I wear is great and is very comfortable. The black of her knitwear is strong and creates a dark, dark look with the whole outfit. T-shirt link:



Let’s now move on to the rest of the components of this set. Pants, in Slim Fit from Zara, have a motorcycle, raw look. It looks really good. The shoes in the pictures can not be seen, but there could be only one choice: dark, black Vans shoes. Do not forget about accessories. Sunglasses: only black. According to the principle of combining colors, no sports model with colored glasses will fit. The famous Ray Ban Wayfarer perfectly complement this set.

I hope that I have inspired many of you! Remember that fashion does not have to be boring and invest in yourself!