Men’s trench coat and how to wear it

men's trench coat

Men’s trench coat  – a short story

The trench coat was originally a military coat worn during World War I. It was to be resistant to extreme weather conditions in trenches, hence its name a trench coat. The British army liked the trench coats, and even then it was worn only by officers. Ordinary soldiers wore uniforms and only officers were allowed to wear trench coats.

Traditionally, the trench coat had a row of double buttons, unbuttoned at the front, shoulder straps, wide flaps and was girded with a wide belt with a large metal buckle and had buckles on the sleeves to prevent water from spilling on the forearm when the officer was using binoculars.

Outside trenches, the trench coat became a symbol of elegance for all men. In the 1960s, the trench coat became a hit among educated, radical intellectuals. A trench coat, horn-rimmed glasses and a pipe are an inseparable set of London bohemia.

The company that will always be associated with trench coats is Burberry, based in London. Burberry makes the best and most exclusive , and because of this, the most expensive trench coats in the world.

Which particular men’s trench coat should you choose?

Currently, trench coats are moving away from their original, military style and cut. They are also red, blue, with floral patterns, but they always remain true to their original version. They have a narrow cut that adheres to the body and are worn most willingly by men who care about their physique. This type of clothing is definitely not recommended for corpulent, short men.

I encourage you to look in the stores for a trench coat that suits you and wear it as a coat for cold, spring mornings and late, cool, autumn evenings. The trench coat fits perfectly into the landscape of our cities and streets and harmonizes well with elegant material trousers, a suit, but also jeans, which can be a shock to some of you. I just presented a combination of an elegant, navy blue trench coat with slim-cut jeans, in a slightly brighter navy blue colour than the trench coat itself. Avoid combining the same colours because you will look like wearing a “Chinese” uniform. My trench coat is a bit shorter than the traditional one because it reaches my mid-thigh, but that’s why I was able to combine it with jeans. Longer trench coats go well only with suit trousers and very elegant shoes, and for the men’s dressing case. The outfit is accomplished  by a navy blue vest and a slim fit light blue shirt. Everything is in navy blue shade. Pay attention to the shoes you choose as the trench coat goes well only with elegant ones. Avoid wearing sports shoes with trench coats, unless you are an artist from Brooklyn and you want to achieve a weird look. The blacks like such combinations with vans or other unusually looking shoes. But this is not my style and I do not personally feel it. Because as you see I am not a black man.