Treehut watch and why you should have it

treehut watch

Treehut watches – Bet on nature

I have recently tried and tested a Treehut watch. The Treehut brand comes from San Francisco and specializes mainly in the production of watches with a unique shape and appearance. The company currently employs 20 people and is still a relatively small company, but is growing at a fairly rapid pace. The founders of the brand are a married couple of Julia and Joh, who escaped from lucrative jobs in corporations in order to finally live according to their individual plan. They invented the brand while travelling in Bali and that is why their watches have a lot of natural elements such as wood and are generally inspired by nature. Among the products of this brand you will find classic models on a leather strap, as well as those more sophisticated on a wooden bracelet. I recommend the latter, because these classic models are offered by all other companies with an established position on the market. So let’s choose a unique model which is simply more original.

Treehut Rise Ebony Marble Gold

Today I tested the Treehut watch from the Rise Collection series, specifically the Rise Ebony Marble Gold model. The watch link can be found here https://treehut.co/products/rise-ebony-marble-gold?variant=28572385378378

The brand describes itself as created for an active and curious of life man  living here now. The most important element of the watch is a real, marble dial and two tiny dials placed vertically inside. The whole is surrounded by dots symbolizing the movement of the celestial bodies of the Moon and Sun. It is powered by a Japanese quartz movement, which is a very good mechanism. The treehut watch is complemented by a very chic, gold bracelet made of stainless steel interwoven with elements of ebony tree. It’s a subtle and sophisticated watch, with a lot of contrasting elements. A watch with the so-called “claw”.

What do I like about the watch the most?

What I like the most about the watch is the fact that the watch has natural elements and zero plastic. So it is ecological in its own way. In addition, no third-world workers were used to make it. Besides, the watch is very light and easy to put on. The hand does not hurt you from unpleasant metal, which I have expierenced while wearing watches from other brands. The bracelet fits perfectly your wrist. It lies well but does not rub. It does not even cause allergies because it is made of stainless steel. The watch has stolen my heart and has become an inseparable element of my latest outfits, especially those dominated by brown, yellow and green, which are typical autumn colours. To sum up, the product is highly recommended to all of you.



treehut watch
treehut watch
treehut watch