T-shirts: the most popular part of clothing

mens t-shirt

Koszulka to tylko z pozoru prosty temat

T-shirt is known to everyone today. It is worn by adults, children, young people and the elderly. Initially, the popular T-shirt looked a bit different from the current version. It was worn by pilots and sailors in a tropical climate. It fulfilled the role of underwear and was worn under a jacket or a shirt.The first t-shirt was made by Hanes Knitting Company and appeared on the European market in 1901. As it often happens in fashion, the United States Army had a huge influence on the contemporary appearance of the t-shirt. US Air Force during the First World War noticed that European pilots have much more comfortable clothing. The shirt underwend a few modifications such as shortening the sleeves and changing the shape of the cut at the neck. At that time, a characteristic T-shape was obtained. The word t-shirt came to the English dictionary in 1921. In the 1960s a real breakthrough occurred because plastizol – a special type of ink was invented. More and more often t-shirts were printed with subtitles and various types of graphics.

But let’s get to the relevant information for every fashionable guy. First of all, the current men’s t-shirt is in different cuts. The most popular of them are:

  • Regular Fit: The most standard cut. It is not too loose, but it also does not emphasize the body. It suits everyone, and it looks best on normally built men.
  • Slim Fit: Perfect cut for tall and slim people. The t-shirt is narrower, tailored and much more emphasises the body than the regular Regular Fit.
  • Loose Fit: Rap environment, skateboarders. We all associate black US performers in loose, long t-shirts. Once worn only by various cool guys”. Nowadays they are becoming more and more popular in all social groups. A slim person looks a bit like wearing a “sack”, but that’s the aim of this style. Loose Fit emphasizes the loose style of being, freedom, independence and breaking social rules.
    The above cuts are, of course, only the basics. Remember that the styles of each producer will differ slightly. The best companies also create new, less popular types, eg Muscle Fit or Skinny Fit. A modern man who cares about himself certainly wants to emphasize his muscles. In recent years, the largest companies have released a great series of t-shirts in Slim fit. T-shirt was very tight at the chest and biceps area. However, the Oversize style has recently gained popularity. It fits well both  narrow jeans like cigarettes pants and jogger pants. We get the look of a relaxed,  fashionable guy. Remember, however, that the basics is our physique. No t-shirt will look good if we have narrow shoulders and wide hips. Only the gym is the recipe!

Secondly, tshirts may have print or not. Those without print are classic and will fit most styles. A white, well-fitting t-shirt (Slim or Muscle Fit) will fit under a jacket or cardigan as a casual set. T-shirts without prints, on my example, fit different types of jeans, chinos, joggers and actually all pants. A printed T-shirt is a more sports and youth option. Such a set also suits jeans and other types of pants, but does not match well with jackets. Therefore, when creating a casual set, do not choose a printed t-shirt. We wear t-shirts with graphics only on holiday. I have a hope that my tips will help you  not to commit fashion faux pas.


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