Grey men’s jacket – What to match it with?

Grey men's jacket

The grey men’s blazer is not easy to combine with other colours.
Contrary to what you think, grey is a very demanding colour. If you are inexperienced in choosing colours, avoid grey because you can easily achieve common, banal, monotonous look. Grey can be broken with a colorful accent, e.g. pink, green or blue, but this requires a rich wardrobe and experience in mixing colors.

Grey men’s Feraud Jacket.
The grey men’s jacket I am wearing is made of beautiful, smooth corduroy and was produced by a well-known company Feraud. The jacket is light, soft, ideally fixing the body, like all other things of this brand. The Feraud brand comes from France and is known for producing luxury clothes for men and women alike. Specializes mainly in jackets and coats. Takes care of every detail. I was captivated by the beautiful, silk lining of the jacket and the beautiful buttons. Every detail draws attention and makes you feel special while wearing it.

What you should wear a grey jacket with?
I did not want to experiment this time, that’s why I chose a traditional and secure connection. Perfect for a business meeting or lunch. Each of you can try a similar outfit. Grey, white and black combine naturally. In the photo I am wearing my grey blazer with a black turtleneck and my top cover is a classic chevron coat from Marks & Spencer. I have chosen traditional black jeans in a regular cut and suede black chelsea boots. Remember that the coat you wear with your jacket should always be longer than the jacket by a minimum of 10-20 cm, otherwise the jacket will protrude inelegantly from under the coat if you bend your body forward even slightly. The grey men’s jacket also fits perfectly with white turtleneck and grey or black jeans. In my opinion, it is much better worn with turtlenecks than shirts, which is additionally an ideal choice for winter or autumn. You can safely wear a grey corduroy jacket for any occasion, formal or informal, where two – part suit would look a bit too rigid. Grey colour suits both dark – haired and fair – haired men.

My recommendation