Style for boys: Adidas hoodie and Jeans

Look ten spokojnie może być wykorzystany przez młodych chłopaków jak i trzydziestolatków.

styl dla chłopaka

The youth style is rather uncomplicated. In schools and colleges, sweatshirt is the most frequently worn element of clothing by male gender. This is understandable because the sweatshirt is comfortable and very practical. Usually, a young boy or a man does not look very stylish in it. The most frequently chosen color is of course black and gray. When the school year begins and the summer unfortunately goes autumn, the dark colors only intensify the gloomy mood. At a young age, the tendency to wear too large size is a common occurrence. Recently, I uncovered a pair of sweatshirts from the wardrobe, in which I walked when I was 16. I was shocked that they are still far too big (XXL size), despite the fact that I am much more extensive. The conclusion is that when you are a teenager, you misjudge your size or you like to hide your thinness in too large a size. Council No. 1, which results from this post, choose the right size for your height and overall dimensions 🙂 If you are under 180 cm tall and you are slim, you wear S or M. Never XL! Remember that XXL is a size for two-meter and athletic-built men!

Let’s go to the style I present today. This look calmly can be used by young boys and thirty-year-olds.

The Adidas brand has consistently maintained its Hype for years and is still referred to as cool. Pink blouse, falling into a salmon, I combined with blue Levis jeans and white, quite elegant sneakers. I use these shoes both for more casual stylizations with a shirt, as well as sports ones. The sweatshirt is not very spacious, but it does not belong to the Slim Fit type. It is rather Regular Fit, ideal for schools or colleges. You feel at ease and at ease.