Sports, casual style

sportowy styl

Sports, elegant style – in that way I would define the above outfit. The set consists of sports shoes which have already been mentioned in previous posts, jeans shorts, long – sleeved T-Shirt in SLIM CUT and sunglasses.

The photos were taken at sunset and these clothes were ideal for this time of the day in urban landscape.

As far as the details are concerned, CARHARTT WIP jeans shorts are perfectly made. I have purchased 32 size, and I honestly admit that I cannot put on weight any more if I want to wear them longer. I do not reccomend this cut of shorts to those of You who have too strong thighs. The typical ” Gym Freak” will never manage to put them on . The G-STAR t-shirt which I occasionaly bought at a reasonable price is L size and fits me quite well but I should minimally build up muscles in the chest to look really good. The details such as a suede belt and sunglasses are only an addition and do not play any role in this outfit. A rucksack over your shoulder or a sports bag would also go well with this set.

Best regards,

Christopher Makowski