Spodnie Pharrell Williams czyli all red look

Wypracowanie własnego stylu zajmuje pewien czas

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a music producer and singer about, which certainly can not be said that he has no style. The artist is known for his exceptionally original, very colorful stylizations in good taste. The pants that Pharrell Williams designed with the G-Star Raw brand must also be unique.

It takes some time to develop your own style. Most Polish men dress very conservatively and monotonously. If a man already has a “good style”, he rarely creates bold stylizations. However, not everyone must stand out. Whether we want to attract attention depends on our personality, whether we are, for example, extroverts or introverts, self-confidence and many other features. Another reason why guys dress boring is the fact that creating bold stylizations is much more difficult: original stylizations require discernment in the category of a given style in order to properly combine individual elements of stylization, for example: a jacket – pants – shoes. Blue jeans + white t-shirt + sports, also white shoes is a much easier option 🙂

As a fashion blogger, I will try to convince you and teach you how to create original and colorful styles that many a woman will pay attention to. There is nothing “unmanly” in the fact that a guy dresses with taste and looks really breathtaking. Original styling it is even proof of masculinity because it requires courage.

Let’s go to the style she presents today. I connected the mentioned Pharrell Williams pants by G-Star with white shoes and a red sweatshirt. The rule of combining colors is one of the most important and so here we should pay attention to the grille on the trousers: there are lines of color among others: white, navy blue, red. The red sweatshirt and white shoes must therefore fit. I refer, a more elegant stylization, which I created also with these pants:


Another aspect on which we must pay attention is the clothing category. The Pharrell Williams pants that I’m wearing would give me a casual category. These are not elegant (suit) pants, but it is not a sports style that we usually create with jeans.

If I inspired you to a little bolder styling, let me know here or in a private message on instagram!