Men’s beige coat – from polo sport to salons

Men's camel coat

Men’s beige coat – from polo sport straight to  salons

Men’s camel coat is one of the most elegant garments among elegant things for fall / winter.  The history of the camel coat goes back to 1920 and the Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. Coats of this type were designed for university polo players. The camel coat was introduced to Yale University by the younger brother of Tommy Hitchcock – the legend of this sport. Soon the audience also began to be interested in this element of men’s wardrobe. It was at this time that the men’s beige coat gained popularity among people from the upper class. In 1972, Polo Ralph Lauren also began to produce women’s clothing, and the women’s camel coat was one of the first things to be found in women’s collection.

Men’s beige coat – what material?

At first, the “original” camel coat was indeed made of camel wool. Currently, most coats you will find in stores are coats made of wool, cotton or viscose. Pay attention to those models that have the highest percentage of wool. Of course, the price increases with more wool. A good coat can be bought for around 150 Euro. You don’t have to spend your entire salary on something that you only wear from time to time.

How to wear a camel coat?

The men’s beige coat belongs to the classic style. All elements of the set, i.e. trousers, shoes, jacket, or sweater must be in a casual or elegant style. Also remember that the camel coat does not match with everything! In my opinion, it goes best with black, unlike most brown coats that do not go well with black. Camel colour is a delicate shade of brown, so it contrasts well with deep black. A dark-brown coat looks bad with black, This is an important rule that you should remember. The camel coat has different cuts, but the most traditional has wide skirts, is single or double-breasted and reaches mid-thigh. In women’s versions, camel coats are much longer, reaching up to half of the calves. They are worn with boots or elegant leather boots.

Below I present one of the possible styles.


Men's camel coat Men's camel coat Men's camel coat Men's camel coat Men's camel coat Men's camel coat Men's camel coat