Pharrell Williams G-Star Raw trousers

Wypracowanie własnego stylu zajmuje pewien czas

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a music producer and singer, who certainly can be said to be a man of style. The artist is best remembered for exceptionally original, very colourful clothes in good taste. The trousers that Pharrell Williams designed with the G-Star Raw brand are also unique.

It takes some time to develop your own style. Most men all over the world dress very conservatively and monotonously. If you want to be regarded as fashionable and stylish you have to create your own style which will stand out in the crowd. However, not everyone want to be seen. Whether we want to attract attention or not depends, after all, on our personality, whether we are, for example, extroverts or introverts, self-confident or bold or shy. Another reason that men wear boring clothes is the fact that creating bold looks is much more difficult. Original outfits require insight into the category of style to properly combine individual elements, e.g. jacket – trousers – shoes. Blue jeans + white T-shirt + sports, white shoes are certainly  much easier option 🙂

As a fashion blogger, I will try to convince you and teach you how to create original and colorful outfits that many women will pay attention to:) There is nothing “unmanly” in the fact that a guy dresses with taste and looks really “breathtaking”. An original outfit is simply a proof of masculinity because it requires courage.

Let’s move on to the style I present today. I combined these Pharrell Williams trousers from G-Star Raw with white shoes and a red sweater. The rule of combining colours is one of the most important issues and so here let’s pay attention to the pattern on the pants which consists of colourful lines. So the red sweatshirt and white shoes must match. I refer you to a more elegant stylization with Pharrell Williams G-Star trousers, which I managed with exactly the same trousers:

Spodnie w kratę: wyróżnij się z tłumu

Another aspect that we need to pay attention to is the category of clothes. I would assign Pharrell Williams G-Star Raw Trousers that I am wearing to the casual category. They are not too much elegant trousers but they are not to much casual either. They are something in between. That’s way you can create a lot of outfits while wearing them.

If I inspired you to get a bit bolder styles let me know here or  in a private message on my  instagram!

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Pharrell Williams