Militarny płaszcz męski – postaw na klasykę

Military men’s coat – put it on the classic

Tshe men’s military coat, as the name suggests, refers to warfare. He was worn by officers and senior military officials during official meetings with military diplomats and on so-called military occasions. Everyone who watched the series Hans Kloss Staw greater than Life or the cult movie Inglourious Basterds certainly noticed how elegantly dressed the Wehrmacht officer “after working hours”. Many elements of men’s wardrobe were taken from the war. Such coats have been around for over 150 years! However, it was German soldiers who perfected this type of coat. Look at my other article with different types of coats here: http://christophermakowski.com/fashion/elegancki-ubior-dla-mezczyzny-dwa-plaszcze/

Characteristics of a military coat

The men’s military coat is distinguished by the following elements:

  • It is long and reaches a minimum of knees or half calves
  • It is made of high quality material, wool or leather
  • Usually it has a liner or is insulated
  • It is always double-breasted
  • Fastened with buttons, never with a zipper
  • It has epaulettes on the shoulders
  • Dragon (cross waistband at the back of the coat)
  • Back fly (Split at back, bottom part)

    How to wear a men’s military coat?

Look at my coat! It’s perfect because it was designed by the tailoring master Baldessarini, a former student of Hugo Boss. My coat is long and reaches the knees. The men’s military coat should fit well in the arms. It is an absolute mistake to buy too large coats. I am 54 when I’m tall. If your coat hangs on you, you’ll look awkward and unattractive. Boots, boots or long lace-up boots fit the coat. Avoid boots with zippers or pulled uppers. It just doesn’t fit that style at all. Such a coat does not belong to the formal style, but is worn rather for an elegant occasion. Use elegant turtlenecks and jackets. Avoid sweatshirts and tracksuits. Look in the mirror as the whole set looks. Remember the 3 colors rule, otherwise you will look motley. I just created an unconventional combination: G-Star military pants, Benetton green turtleneck and long Giorgio lace-up boots. I admit that the color combination was a challenge because the coat was an unusual color of pale khaki and gray. Very unusual color, difficult to combine because you have to break it with something more decisive. So dressed, you certainly won’t look like an average man on a Polish street. Coats like this can sometimes be bought for really little money. I did it, so you can get this opportunity. I would recommend!