Men’s shirt, what should you know about it?

Men reach for the men's shirt only when they go to a funeral, wedding or interview, or every day to work if the dress code requires them.

koszula męska

A men’s shirt is usually worn by Polish men only to a suit or suit trousers

Men reach for the men’s shirt only when they go to a funeral, wedding or interview, or every day to work if the dress code requires them. As in the case of other parts of men’s clothing, in the case of shirts, there is a division into formal (business) and informal style. In today’s post, she will present you with some suggestions in this second option. Shirt is a great choice that women will appreciate. Most of the representatives of the fair sex think that the man looks best in an elegant style. During leisure time, none of us, however, want to walk in a suit and tie. Wearing a casual style shirt, we will look elegant and at ease. The choice of shirts is huge and like the t-shirts, which typefaces I described in the post mentioned below,


they occur in different types. The main cuts are Slim and Regular Fit. Casual shirts from various materials are available on the market. There are jeans shirts (denim), 100% cotton or with eg a mixture of cotton / polyester / elastane. There are plenty of options. As always, I will mention the rule of matching colors, and choosing the right size! We can still see men in too-large clothes on the streets. Let’s go to the proposals that I have prepared for you




The above sets are my suggestions for using a casual style shirt. The first outfit is a men’s denim shirt, set with powder chinosy pants. Stylisation No. 2 is a linen blue shirt, which I combined with denim shorts and white shoes. Let’s remember the rule of combining colors: a similar color, but a different shade matches perfectly. Set No. 3 is an absolute hit on my instagram, to which the link below:


This is an elegant shirt in a standard collar + suits and white shoes. We look elegant, but not stiff. It is quite an extravagant set. The last suggestion is photos from Rome. White shirt, fits perfectly with white trousers. The whole is broken with a dark blue stripe.

I hope that I have inspired many of you in this post!