The men’s denim jacket and 3 ways of wearing it

men's denim jacket

Men’s denim jacket – history

Denim jacket is a fast-growing element of men’s wardrobe. We owe it to Levi Straus and the gold rush in America, which forced men’s fashion to be light, airy and durable, and that’s what a denim jacket is like. Cowboys, railroad workers and gold diggers at the end of the 19th century were the first buyers of a denim jacket. Initially, such jackets were constructed to provide maximum strength and freedom to numerous manual workers.

In the 1950s, a denim jacket was associated with juvenile delinquency. Look at legendary photos of James Dean and you will understand why it evoked associations with modern outlaws. Currently, a denim jacket is associated more with a guy who is not too concerned about social norms. This is a modern rule breaker of social conventions. James Dean created this specific, rebellious style while wearing his denim jacket.

The original Levis Strauss type I denim jacket 506 has set the standard and design of each of its subsequent versions. It had one pocket without a flap, on the back of the strap, which functioned as a drawstring that prevented the jacket from “jumping away” from the body too much and was in a very dark denim color. It wasn’t until 1953 that Levi’s created the Type II model, which was characterized by two pockets, a shortened cut, and a distinct rib at the bottom of the jacket instead of a short rivet, which was present in Type I. Currently, the most popular denim jacket model is Type III, which has tighter cut and clearer seams along the entire length of the jacket. Model III is definitely the favorite type of truck drivers hence its name Truck Jacket.

Denim jacket – how to wear it?

At first, denim jackets were worn only with denim trousers. Double top and bottom denim connections don’t look very good because they resemble work clothes. A denim jacket will look much better with chinos, e.g. red ones from my second outfit. The classic combination with black jeans and a white T-shirt looks good, as in the first picture. As for the top, the denim jacket goes well with both the t-shirt (preferably without printing) and casual shirts. A typical formal shirt with a stiff collar will not form a harmonious connection, but in special cases it may fit. Let’s get to the styles I have prepared for you.

The first look refers to the skate style, and is the sportiest of the 3 proposals that I  present in this post. Sneakers, black jeans and a white T-shirt create a coherent and definitely loose look. The basis here is the choice of colours: the blue jacket contrasts well with black jeans, which in turn perfectly match the classic vans shoes. Trousers can be gently rolled up so we get a “cooler” look. The second outfit is more casual, but still definitely informal. A plaid shirt, red chinos and blue espadrilles harmonize perfectly with the colour of the jacket. This outfit is more suitable for the city center and will make us stand out in the crowd. The last set, personally my favorite, is the most elegant, and I am an elegant guy. The whole set consists of a shirt from the casual category again, a denim jacket, matching slim fit jeans and elegant suede shoes. This is a style for a true fashionist who is creative and doesn’t want to look too formal. I recommend this look to all extraordinary men.