Łączenie i dobór kolorów w modzie męskiej

Prawdziwy facet nie boi się kolorów

In the matter of combining and choosing colors, a traditional Pole stays with certain colors: black, white and gray, which are considered so-called safe colors. So to put it simply: you won’t go crazy, but you won’t be ridiculed. None of you after all wants to be a laughing stock so you abuse the above colors in all styles. I noticed one disturbing thing, the Polish street is terribly gray compared to Rome, Barcelona or even Berlin. The Pole is usually dressed in a pale, uninteresting uniform. We don’t like to stand out, and we associate colorful colors with men with homosexual orientation. However, you don’t have to be gay to look attractive in colors other than black and white. Just a little imagination and fantasy to perfectly combine seemingly mismatched colors.

So how do you combine colors to look attractive but not be overdressed? The basic, universal principle is to combine and select colors from similar color groups. This way you will definitely avoid any mistakes. The second rule is sticking to 3 colors and not introducing more colors to the styling. If you introduce more than 3 colors to your styling, you will look flashy, inelegant, like a macaw parrot. You will arouse widespread interest, but in a negative sense. The third, perhaps the most important is avoiding the same colors, i.e. not dressing green or red. Intense colors must be broken with a completely different shade. If you have green pants, do not wear a green top and green shoes because it has nothing to do with being fashionable but rather indicates a lack of taste.

Below is a sample stylization that shows how to properly combine and choose colors. I am wearing green pants that correspond well with green with a different tone of green, shirt. The shirt is not uniform, but it has patterns, so you can choose shoes for these patterns. I just chose Puma shoes, signed by rapper Big Sean. The combination of green and yellow is extremely beneficial because these two colors do not bite. So be careful what colors you combine with each other.

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