Autumn classic look

Today’s style aims at classic look which from time to time must be achieved by everyone. Irrespective of trends in fashion, I have always felt good in classical clothes. Besides classic style never gets old and I assure you that investment in such a set will pay off for a long time. Classics are always fashionable so it is advisable to buy more expensive items made of better materials. I have broken the classic style with casual accesories. Brown shoes are very comfortable and at the same time, they go well with blue jeans. Brown with blue is a perfect colour combination, slighty underestimated by Polish men. Normally, we combine darker trousers with brown clothes, which is not a very fortunate combination. The set is complemented with a very comfortable polo neck, which serves as a scarf for those of you who do not usually wear them.

In conclusion:  I have created an urban, casual and classic yet elegant style, which with a slight change of accessories always takes on a new”look”

Brands :

  • Shoe : Venezia 
  •  Jeans : Zara 
  • Coat : Pier One
  • Polo Neck : Selected Homme