Barcelona, Barcelona !

Barcelona ! Now i know why people love you so much

I spent only two days in Barcelona. It took us one and half hour to get from Tossa De mar to Barcelona by bus. Espiecially my girlfriend had a big dilemma whether to rest sunbathing on a beautiful beach or do some sightseeing in the city. After some deliberation the second option won.

And so we decided to head for the capital of Cataliona

Barcelona : day one

Our target is the famous Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia. Barcelona is the town of a lot of motion, changing dynamically every minute, full od people from over the world and from all walk of life. Such a “melting pot”

On approaching the famous Cathedral, you start feeling the density of the crowd. You have to push your way through crowds of eager tourists, fighting for space to get inside. There were so many visitors to the place that we dediced to quit and took a taxi to get to the beach to eat something there.

It was not a good decision. We paid through the nose and the pizza there tasted like old, rubber shoes. Not worth a penny.

Bitterly disappointed with the meal of such poor quality we left the beach and headed for another attraction recommended in a our quidebook : Park De la Ciutadella

Barcelona : Parc de la Ciutadella

This time was a good choice.

This beatiful park dating back from the nineteenth century is the only, in the sense of the meaning, park in the centre of Barcelona. We were simply enchanted by that place. Around us,there was unpleasant urban Chaos and cacophony of various sounds and suddenly we enter a different wovlol

We found ourselfes in a rear oasis of lush greenery. We notice oan attractive fountain in the middle of a pond full of crystal water, a lot of birds swimming joyfully, steep stairs leading up to something resembling a temple. Fairy- like landscoupe indeed ! And ideal place for a weary tourist, tired of walking and sightseeing who can here master up energy for further exploration of the city. Highly recommended place, ideal for relaxation and brief reflection

Barcelona : day two

We attack the Cathedral again.

La Sagrada Familia

It turned out that there were no tickets available. I should have booked them on the internet one week before as others obviously did. I wish i had but, i did not.

We had to enter the Cathedral with a guided tour which cost us 40 euros per person. That’s the price you pay for stupidity.

Antoni Gaudi was a Calalonian architect. He is widely renowned as the creator of La Sagrada Familia. The truth is, that at the moment of his death, there had been only one tower erected. All other were built long after his demise. However this genius architect is regarded as the designer of that cathedral becouse the whole structure of the building is solely based on his visions and models.

A curious fact worth mentioning is that Gaudi, being a native Spanish himself had pale complexion and intensive blue eyes, unlike majority of the Spanish

Gaudi worked on models. He avoided drawing, focusing instead on designing schemes. Before our entering the Cathedral we was a lot of people who, with the help of 3D printers tried to recreate each move of Gaudi. Nowdays technology helps os to enrich our knowledge about projects and ways of doing them exactly as Gaudi dit it many years ago.

Gaudi took his inspiration from nature. Each column supporting the Cathedral has a symbol of a different region of Cataliona. Gaudi was a patriot in love with Catalonia. Our guide called him”Catalonist”

The interior of the cathedral is impressive. Long shaped gothic – like windows, painted in Vivid colours. Over the rear entrance to the cathedral sacred figured carved in rock have slanting eyes ! Why ?

Japanese architects did some pat of works and that is why angels have Japanese features characteristic for Asians race.

The Cathedral is build in eclectic style, which means it is a stange mixture of different styles. There are elements of negothic, Baroque, and modernism.

It is still in progress of being erected ( the cranes in the photo) and city authorities claim there is no chance for finishing the project before the year 2026.

Antoni Gaudi, in a sense, is a tragic figure. This great man never even married becouse as he said his only true love was Catalionia, and espiecially Barcelona he adored. It was, the seventh of June 1926 when Gaudi was knocked down by a tram passing through one of Barcelona’s streets. Taken for a homeless person Gaudi died 3 days afterwords in one of Barcelona’s hospitals

My reflection is such :

sometimes what you love most in your live kills you in the end

Hospital De Sant Pau- the second spot we visited

De Sant Pau Hospital made a very big impression on us. This is the infirmary built in the first decade of the XX century but it still enchants people especially due to its innovation and prohumanestic approach to the needs of the ill and suffering.

It’s architects took into consideration the necessity of designing a beautiful garden so that patients could make quicker recovery thanks to close contract with nature. In the very centre of Barcelona, there stands a place full od magic whick impressed every visitor by it’s modernism , simplicity, geometrical precision and a spacious yard. Traversing down the conrriders sometimes we felt a bit scary as if expieriencing the climate of” The flight over Cuckoo’s Nest.

Here is the visual presentation. One thing is certain. I will come back here to see more. So far i have seen just a small fraction of what Barcelona can offer


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